Opportunities at Marewa

We endeavour to provide a wide range of sporting opportunities for all of our students. All classes have regular timetabled sport and fitness activities and we hold many sports events across the school during our House Competition. In addition to this we have a range of sporting teams that compete in competitions across the terms. There is often a small cost that goes with competing in these sports and we do rely on transport from parents to get to games that are away from home. In 2014 we hope to hold some inter-school sports exchanges with local schools.

For this part of the summer season we have cricket and softball available for students to take part in against other schools. These sports are for year 3-6 students. 

TERMS 2 & 3
In the first of the winter terms students have a multitude of sports to choose from. Often these start part way through term 2. basketball Netball, rugby, and soccer are all on offer. We love offers of assistance with the coaching of these sports. The school cross country competition takes place in later term 3. Please contact the office if you are able to help.

​​​​​​​TERM 4
The return of the summer codes with the addition of the opportunity to play miniball. We hold our school athletics competition in mid term 4.